One of the most rocking destinations in Europe

Riga, Estonia
Ligo, St. Janis, Latvia & More

Riga, the capital of Latvia and largest city in the Baltic States, is a vibrant, fast-evolving modern city that has a lot to offer, starting from music festivals, sophisticated dining and classy spa treatments to fun activities and hot night spots. The city is particularly notable for its extensive Art Nouveau architecture, which UNESCO considers to be unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Estonia is best known for its mysterious medieval capital Tallinn, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Visitors are enchanted by the narrow winding streets and towering ramparts. Opera and concerts, art exhibitions and antique shops, fine museums and well -stocked shops add the final touch to what traveler might expect from a city as varied as Tallinn.

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Let Us Plan The Most Incredible
Adventure This Destination Can Offer

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." Hilary Cooper

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On Request

Ultimate Top Gun Experience: Fighter

Be the Top Gun, be as hot as Maverick! A spin in the skies on a real fighter aircraft is what one needs for a genuine adrenaline kick. Machines cutting the sky by inconceivable maneuvers, frequently on speeds exceeding 570 Miles/Hr., under deafening roar of the turbines leaving loops of smokes – a show gripping breath of weaver. L-39C Albatross, a tandem 2-seat jet training aircraft in use by various, mainly European air forces.

Sky Diving Experience

One tandem jump for one person including cameraman with photo/video. Together with the professional instructor. 40 sec long free fly and Altitude: 3 km.

The Superman Experience

Getting free-flying lessons in outdoor vertical wind tunnels from the world’s best free fliers. Take some time to "soar to new heights" and free fly with our world famous experts. An airborne person, not tied by any ropes or parachutes. The strong air flow in the wind tunnel allows you to lay on it and glide in the air, perform the most varying movements, acrobatics, and feel unbelievable emotions.
In Winter, bobsledding can be quite extreme - Continue your adrenaline day with Bobsleigh.

The Robinhood Experience

Training in Archery and Swordsmanship and then a simulated skirmish in the forests.

Those who prefer to travel back in time can don medieval armor and wage a forest battle against a robber, queen and her men who come armed with axes and arrows. Robin Hood never looked this pretty. The mission is to escort a princess to the camp safely. The celebration includes amber vodka accompanied by a pagan bagpipe and drum concert. The vodka itself is known for its peculiar taste and healing powers gained from the bits of Baltic amber, famed for its anti- oxidants and immunity boosters. Those who survive the battle will be welcomed as heroes in the camp and deserve to celebrate their victory.

Pirate Attack on Estonia

Learn some archery and sword fighting before you take this mission, for these times are dangerous and unpredictable. You will have to fight a real medieval battle. Embark a speed boat to capture a small island of Estonia situated in the Gulf of Riga. Intrude into the peaceful lifestyle of the local inhabitants and hold them hostage to get an authentic Estonian meal for lunch.

The Soviet Prison Experience

One of the biggest former Soviet military base jail used for dissidents.

Reality tour/show in Soviet prison, forts and secret radio telescope. A historical interactive reality show involving the audience. Created on the basis of true stories from life in the Naval Port prison. The purpose and essence of the show are to give each participant an opportunity to live the part of a prisoner and learn about the most interesting and shocking facts from the history of the prison.

The Rambo Experience

Heavy Guns shooting, driving tanks, simulated warfare.

Rambo fans can create strategies on how to ambush the enemy, seize their guns and grenades (all fake) and crawl through the jungles after the baddies. Some heavy guns shooting. It is quite exhilarating, depending if you're on the right side or the wrong side of the gun. Learn how to use several different firearms (Revolver, AK47, Shotgun). The shooting instructors will introduce the safety techniques and teach how to safely handle firearms and hit the paperboard signs and/or metal signs. This is your possibility to get shooting experience of different firearms (the power of the weapons, kickback, specifications etc).

Most charming festivals happening in Latvia

Ligo is celebrated during the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, but the shortest night of the year – from June 23 to 24. The holiday is celebrated by Latvians who sing and dance the night away by large bonfires. St. Janis is an ancient festival originally celebrated in honor of a Latvian pagan deity Jānis, who is mentioned in Latvian folk songs of antiquity. The festival's when the summer solstice actually takes place in Lithuania. Formerly Ollesummer festival, the Summer Festival combines a music and beer festival in Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn, Estonia. New Wave is the Russian music festival in the Latvian resort town of Jurmala.

Drifting Lessons from some of the top drifters in the region

Take this great chance to feel sharp and unique emotions driving with one of the best Latvian drivers and the vice-champion of Eastern Europe in drifting, in a car specially prepared for drifting. Drift taxi clients before driving, get instructions and a helmet. Duration of drift taxi drive depends on from configuration of the track. After the event, you can get pictures with you and the pilot, talk with best drivers and feel the real atmosphere of the race.

Savor the cuisines of the finest restaurants in the world restaurants of the world.

A prime destination for all those passionate about good food and fine wine, a restaurant located in the most picturesque parts of Riga. The chef of this gourmet’s grotto & celebrity haunt uses only the best ingredients, often seasonal, grown exclusively for the restaurant by local suppliers. The guest book here is a cornucopia of praise from the President George W Bush, brothers Prince Charles and Andrew, Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, Montserrat Caballe, Nikita Mihalkov, Jose Carreras, Elton John to name a few.

Feast your palettes on a historically authentic fare serve made from carefully researched recipes, it provides guests with a whole experience using a combination of candlelight, waiters and waitresses in period costume and medieval background music. Chamber musicians round out the ambiance every night of the week at this Mecca of medievalism in the heart of Old Town. Visit the open kitchen and food preparation on a real fire grill, located on the Baltic Sea side with wonderful sea view from the panoramic windows, their summer terrace, and the beach.

Pulsating Night Life

Explore Riga by night with cocktails at the most-gossiped-about insider by-invitation-only club which normally doesn’t allow foreigners (VIP party at one of the most rocking nightclubs in Northern Europe). A small and trendy nightclub, located in Old Riga. You can dance to a variety of musical genres here all night: Downtempo, Jazz, Lounge, Bossa-nova, Chill-out, Soulful House, Funk House and Latin House with DJ spinning together with the live music of saxophone, guitar or violin on stage and also appreciate club's easy laid-back vibe. The club can be available for private events, poker evenings with friends, as a luxury venue, as well as major sporting events broadcast on the big screen. The club is perfect for corporate and private events for up to 100 people, from presentations and receptions to birthday celebrations accompanied by a DJ or live music. At this club, you will find splendor and complete exclusivity.

Thematic Experiences

007, ‘Mission Impossible’, Treasure Hunts & Rallies

The sailing vessel ‘Kajsamoor’, treasure hunts, snorkeling, diving for treasure, great food and some raiding and pillaging! Venturing ashore in full pirate gear to attack the local establishments and frighten the locals.

A peep into the Viking way of Life

Lifestyle with a day spent at the Viking village near Tallinn. Enjoy fun activities such as Longbow shooting, Axe throwing, and other Viking activities. Dine just as the Vikings did.
Exclusive visits with experts to historic attractions such as the Naval Base in Liepaja, special event in the Soviet Bunker
Secret Soviet Bunker tour - You will be surprised and astonished at how easily you can be cut off from the world and go totally offline! Take the unique opportunity to visit a well-preserved, secret nuclear war bunker nine meters below ground.

Special Events in Rundale Palace, Sigulda Castle

Immerse yourself in the Medieval experience in Sigulda and Cesis castles. Today one of the most popular destinations is medieval red-brick Turaida Castle and it's castle tower from which one can enjoy a beautiful bird-eye view over the landscapes formed by the River Gauja, its valleys, and forests.

Traditional Latvian Sauna Experience

A truly ‘soul refreshing’ pagan ritual

Refresh your soul with Authentic Latvian sauna experience. A magically soothing procedure with salt rubs, chocolate rubs, cranberry rubs, and ice cold dips based on ancient knowledge about the healing power of plants.

Heal your injuries taking the magic elixir – Amber Vodka.