• Start: December 16, 2015 08:00
  • End: December 24, 2015 09:00

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Welcome to the Inner Space... let us indulge you in an aquatic indulge you in an aquatic experience of a lifetime!

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Hilary Cooper

Imagine if you could charter your own submersible expedition anywhere in the world or dive in the marine life infested waters in Antarctica. This is a very specialized experience that will bring you to depths where you will see sights every day that no man on earth has ever seen before.

Indulge in a variety of a la carte activities aboard the vessel such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, jet skis, kiteboarding lessons, fly board etc.

The trip fee would include all costs including vessel charter, crew, fuel, chef, gourmet meals etc, aboard with dinner on-land Saturday night (venue to vary depending on dive location).

This would be a totally unique charter that we would customize for each group. Friday to Monday all-inclusive trip for up to 6 guests departing from Miami, FL. Guests could dive in Bimini, Freeport or Nassau.

This ship is designed to take the best shore side support services and transport them offshore to open up new places for boaters with a taste of adventure without sacrificing safety and comfort. With a 90,000-gallon fuel capacity, this ship will not only get you to where you want to go but take care of you when you get there.

With a capacity to make 7,500 gallons of fresh water a day, 4 ice makers and power to support several game boats and watercraft, she can do it all. Her tough commercial exterior and inside accommodations for 12 plus crew are luxurious, special and give a feeling of being at home miles offshore.

Feel at home in the beautiful luxury suites with large windows, a flat screen TV, a spacious private head and light décor. Located on the Sunset Deck is an 8 person Jacuzzi. This is a perfect place to relax and share stories at the end of the day. On the lower deck is a complete workout room with a treadmill, elliptical trainer, life cycle, free weights and other equipment, Private Parties, Ships Hospital, Laundry Services, etc.

The mini-subs are the same model that made the first-ever manned submersible dives in Antarctica.

This submersible is the smallest, lightest and least expensive and can transport two persons to depths of 1000 feet (305 m) in complete comfort and safety. At 10.5 feet in length, it has a very small deck footprint for ease of stowage onboard your yacht. A single existing crew member can be cross-trained to pilot and maintain the sub. An excellent choice if the owner wants to be the pilot because he or she can carry a family member and share the experience.

These “mini-subs” can also be bought at prices starting from 1.2 Mil USD (there is an increasing trend among Yacht owners around the globe to buy these Water Monsters!)