• Start: January 1, 2017 08:00
  • End: December 31, 2017 09:00

California and Caribbean
Tickets Available: Price: $ Contact for exclusive space training mission


A unique opportunity to have an audience with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Opportunity to be the first of the future 100 astronauts to explore space.

If we can get four people to book flights for ‘Lynx’, we can go a step further. These four ‘future astronauts’ would become ‘Founder Members’ of an elite astronaut club of which there will only be 100 participants. This entitles them to exclusive access to all the major astronaut events we organize worldwide, as well as other benefits. We will also bring the pilot who will fly ‘Lynx’, Rick Searfoss, who has already commanded three space shuttle flights to the space station. We can also organize a major press event to announce the first Founder Members.

In addition, we will present the COO of XCOR Aerospace to explain how the development of ‘Lynx’ is progressing and we should be flying our astronauts to space sometime in 2014.

This is indeed a unique opportunity to be able to have the representative from a groundbreaking company developing a spacecraft, an astronaut who has commanded the space shuttle and above all, one of the most famous astronauts in the world, who has walked on the moon.